Comic 758 - 8 Years of Madness

7th Mar 2020, 11:07 AM in Case 20: Finale
8 Years of Madness
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DarkmasterN 7th Mar 2020, 11:07 AM edit delete
Definitely don't like how they changed the page layout and capabilities... Anywho

It's that time again, The Anniversary of Slightly Above Average!

How strange another year has passed.

This time I redid the first pic I did for these anniversary pics. It was fun!

They're looking very mature these days. Not as little and squishy.

Alright now some of you may be looking for some SAA news, so here's a bit! To clarify things, NO the series is not ending right now. The chapter is called Finale because the chapters before it were all parts of a play and so the end of that play was called Finale. It is the end of the current story arc for the series featuring the drugs and Mr. Sunderland.

In addition after this chapter is complete, SAA will be taking a short Hiatus. I'm not sure how long, but just long enough for me to build up a good number of comic pages so I can go back to posting 2 pages a week. I also have to go over the storyline and make sure everything's in order since this one's taken quite a while and I have to make sure everything is good to go forward!

Who knows, maybe we'll be here for 8 more wiggly years XD.