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8th Oct 2019, 2:50 PM in Case 20: Finale
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DarkmasterN 8th Oct 2019, 2:50 PM edit delete
So, since it's been a while, Laila re-caps us with her plan. She sent Little Laila to "Infiltrate" Kero. Co, but had always planned on her getting eaten by him,because she had specifically been engineered as a cancer to infect his cells. She knew he would absorb her, and therefore she could infect him, however she could only infect him and only exist inside of his cells, and needed a catalyst to be able to start multiplying the cells, which came from the re-introduction to Laila's base body, and damaging him so he would replicate the newly activated cells in his regeneration, therefore effectively... killing himself.

And she gave up a lot of actual info of her's so that it wouldn't seem like a trap. It seems he was able to use that to his advantage a bit and piss her off...

Either way. Look at lil' loli flashback Laila, she's so cuuuuuUuuUUuUUuUuuuute~

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