Comic 703 - Seven Years of Madness

6th Mar 2019, 12:08 PM in Case 19: Act 2, Scene 1
Seven Years of Madness
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Author Notes:

DarkmasterN 6th Mar 2019, 12:08 PM edit delete
It's that time again.

7 Years. That's crazy isn't it? 7 years real time and not even a full year has passed in their world haha.

This year I wanted to try something a little different. This year I went with a theme of camaraderie more than horror or issues, though it still has an air of malice and evil.

I focused on bright colors, and fun between Keiko, Naoko, Hara, and Haruko, while Laila looks on from the back, her shadow revealing her, and the world's true nature.

Keiko and Naoko are trying out an MP3 player, and having a good time, Keiko is wearing a shirt that says "Feminist and Proud" and Naoko's shirt says "Mega Milk" and she's looking a little more outgoing than usual. Hara is reading through a creepy old book of her's, and her undies say "Do not enter", and Haruko is trying to put on the finishing touches, having painted everyone's nails.

Laila is just observing a human slumber party and most likely thinking of things that would ruin our minds if we attempted to do the same. Laila's panties say Thick Monster.

This year things were... slow. My schedule has been off for a while now and I've been trying to catch up with my work so I can get back on track with SAA and post 2 pages a week again, and get the story back into motion a little bit faster than before. I have SO much planned for the future, and I feel like I need to hurry a bit faster if I ever want to get it all done!!

Thank you everyone who stuck with me for all these years, and thanks for those who just recently got into my comic! And if this is the first thing you see, come on in! Join the weirdness! And lets hope for at least 7 more years!

The file size was too big here, so here's a better version!


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