Comic 652 - 6 Years of Madness

7th Mar 2018, 1:55 AM in Case 18: Intermission
6 Years of Madness
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DarkmasterN 7th Mar 2018, 1:55 AM edit delete
Time really goes by quick doesn't it? It feels like just a few months ago I was posting the long emotional rant I made last year at this time about why this comic means so much to me.... I've been through a lot since then both good and bad, but this remains a constant, which is a good thing. As I said before, I'm not the best at dealing with change, and I've dealt with a lot of bad change lately with life in general and with the state of the American Government (Being a minority is NEVER easy, but it's especially difficult right now), and having any sort of constant in my life is nice. Not to say this is the only one, but it's certainly a good one for being a creative outlet.

Anyway, enough about that, Lets focus on this.

Last year the spotlight was on Keiko and her mental issues and how they effect her and how that was an important theme to me in my comic. And this time I've got all eyes on Laila.... which... could actually be a bad pun... Completely unintentional XD. This year I did a pic of Laila. It's super sensual, and actually a parody of the scene (And DVD box cover) from American beauty where said beauty is laying naked on a bed of rose petals. It's an iconic scene and is supposed to represent desire and lost, no matter how taboo or carnal that desire may be, and I thought it would be fun to pervert that idea further into something disturbingly disgusting, wet, and slimy. The image I'm parodying is already extremely ideologically sensitive due to the girl being a young teen in the movie, and so it was already a good and decisive building block for me to continue on with for this, making it much more.... overtly sexual, with Laila's many mouths licking her own body, and her various sagging, monstrous protuberances and orifices leaking primordial filth and crawling sickness, and pockets of fat bubble and burst from her flesh as her body roils and changes to contain her newly formed organs and dispose of those no longer necessary. Though all of her eyes and mouths offering a surprisingly inviting, if not slick and greasy demeanor, her slick body and nameless tumors beckoning with their softness. Laila is beautiful, but you should never forget the underlying fear of the unknown that she commands. This picture is also made to be... as sexual or non sexual as you want it to be. Everything can be taken however you want it too pretty much...

Sexuality is another very... prevalent theme in my comic. A lot of the women are sexualized (Masami, Keiko..), some of the men are as well (Kazuo...), even the monsters are... (Laila, that time Mr. Sunderland made out with that thing he just vomited up). Sometimes it's portrayed as a good thing, sometimes as a bad thing, but I never portray it just to do it. Every sexual scenario in this comic has been placed there to licit some sort of reaction, some sort of emotion. Sometimes I want you to understand it's purely teen lust and exploration, sometimes it's a disgusting creature pushing it's self on a helpless thing, sometimes it's happy, sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's enraging.... Sex was something that was not a part of the original Cthulhu mythos due to Lovecraft's aversion to it, though sexual references and alliterations are littered through his work in the form of slimy, phallic beasts and masses of flesh with dripping, gaping maws that work as an allegory for said fear of the sexual unknown, and I tap into that in my own way. I've tried to turn that upside down by fully embracing it, though still showing it can be scary. By making one of the monsters not just a representation of of the fear of sex and sexuality but by making her visually attractive and very forward with her sexual comments. Now don't get me wrong, some of it is just fun. I'm a fetish artist when I'm not working on this and that sort of thing seeps into my daily life constantly. So every now and then we may get a camera angle that shows off Laila's boobs more than necessary or one that lets you see a little more Keiko-booty than what is necessary for the shot, but the little things like that are purely for my own desire to draw that, but also to try and prove a point. Far too often do people think that if someone is sexualized or does kinky things they can't be taken seriously, but I try to keep some of my characters in situations like that while also trying to make them human. Our society's aversion to sex and sexuality makes sense considering our repressed past, but we need to try and move on from that to get better. I myself am quite awkward about the topic, and honestly porn doesn't really do it for me, I'm very awkward about it all. I find the human body to be equally as beautiful as it is disgusting and love distorting it for both reasons. I also feel that the world needs to be more accepting of sex and sexuality to help it evolve, even if the topic makes you uncomfortable sometimes... But just like Laila, we shouldn't just look at it for the inviting sensual thing it is, there's always underlying danger and a lack of understanding that needs to be addressed...

Things aren't as personal this time, but I still thought I could possibly explain a bit more of my comic and why I do some of the things I do in it. I don't expect to change the world with it, but if I can open people up a little more about what they're into then maybe I helped a little anyways XD.

Happy Anniversary SAA! Enjoy Laila and all of her slimy body parts. I'll post some more stuff for the anniversary this month, expect some more of the Q and A stuff to get done!

There's a better res version, It was too big of a file to upload here XD