Comic 628 - The Adventures of Laila and Keiko

31st Oct 2017, 10:25 AM in Case 17: The Prophet's Paradise
The Adventures of Laila and Keiko
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Author Notes:

DarkmasterN 31st Oct 2017, 10:25 AM edit delete
Happy Halloween everyone! This year I decided to just do something silly, and so I made a pic of Keiko and Laila in a style similar to that of Rick and Morty. XD I'm definitely a fan of that show, and noticed the similarities in a dangerous cosmic mass murdering entity forcing a reluctant highschool kid to go with them on horrific adventures and fighting dangerous other worldly creatures XD. Here they're going to the realm of Madness for some reason.

This was fun to do. I don't often draw backgrounds because I hate them and am bad at it as well, but It was needed for this so it was kinda fun.

If you follow me on Patreon you can also find some other halloween pics such as one of a tubby Katrina getting attacked by a monster, and a fat Warranya trying to fit in her Catwoman costume.

Keiko: Aww geez Laila w-why-why does everything look weird? Why's my-my skin and stuff, and my eyes... w-why are they weird Laila!? I-It's like my art style o-or something changed!

Laila: Y-you're mind's trying to fully comprehend something that it's physically incapable of doing s-so you're starting to shut down mentally, because of that your perception of reality is being skewed, a-and you're starting to view things differently. A-any moment now if ya keep thinking about it you'll fall-you'll just collapse down on the ground there and start, just, j-just start foaming at the mouth as your organs begin to shut down.

Keiko: W-what!? Aww Geez! W-why would you bring me- W-WHAT ARE THOSE!? WHAT IS ANY OF THIS!?

Laila: Don't think about it.