Comic 52 - Frilly White Things

Frilly White Things
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DarkmasterN 17th Sep 2012, 10:55 AM edit delete
Down the enormous granite stairs that spanned for countless steps, and through far beyond the marble columns that so carefully held together this aged establishment a flash of humanlike form but impossible speed launched. Weaving in and out, inconspicuously through the unsuspecting crowd as it eyed it's prey. So long it had waited, resting from within it's seated confines, so long it had endured the long and torturous lectures of some elder variation of it's race, droning on to it's armies the knowledge of the working world.

The beast struck, lashing out at it's unsuspecting prey with a violent wind from an upward gesture from it's horrible appendages. There was a scream of panic and heads turned to witness what had become of the beast's prey. And what they witnessed was more beautifully indescribable than anything many of them had seen before.

For beneath the azure cloak lurked a beautiful THING made of soft white cottons and containing many secrets.

"heeeeeeey Keik-ie Chaaaaan!" Yayoi exclaimed as she wooshed her arms upward, flipping Keiko's skirt skillfully as she did nearly once a day. Keiko squeaked and held down the front as her face grew a deep crimson. "Y-Yayoi-Chan! H-how many times do I have to tell you NOT to do that!"

"oooh! So white today, and no little kiddy ones either like you usually have Keiko-Chan, Trying to be a big girl today?" Yayoi asks with a little giggle.

Keiko tried to ignore the reddened faces of the people around her. "N-no, shut up!" She snapped back at her friend quickly.

A silence fell on the two girls as they walked. Keiko's blush eventually fading away. "Hey Yayoi... Wanna come over later this week? We can study for that History test And then hang out afterward." She says glancing over at the nerdy looking girl at her side. Yayoi continued to look off into the distance for a few moments.

"No can do Keik-ie Chan, I've got plans this week. I gotta go meet my Lady friend~" she says with a purr. Keiko stumbled a bit and stopped walking as Yayoi continued on. "E-Ehhhh!? Lady friend!?" Keiko sounded very confused. "....I.... didn't know you had a... err... lady friend..." She said more seriously as she caught back up.

"Yeah... well... I do, and as soon as I get the thing I ordered online, I'll be able to talk to her whenever I want~" She giggles turning around and walking backward infront of her friend.

"Wish me luck Keik-ie Chan, Next time you see me, I'll be a different woman."

Keiko continued walking forward, looking her friend up and down before she gave a bit of a sigh and a smile.

"Yeah. Good luck Yayoi chan. Make sure you bring her over so I can meet her sometime."

Added a little bit to the story without adding anything to the story... XD. Anywho, Do you guys like it when I color less.... refined images like this? Like, still really sketchy? If you all like it like I do I'll probly post more since I think they look better like this than with no color at all.

Regardless, enjoy Yayoi and Keiko. Though Yayoi wasn't around much in the comic, you'll get more glimpses into her personality throughout the story.

Skirt flips are awesome~

Also I used a cool program called Sketchup for the background, which I will no doubt use again and again.

So, have a slightly above average day you guys~