Comic 448 - March 15th

16th Mar 2016, 1:29 AM in Case 13: The Horror at the Museum
March 15th
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DarkmasterN 16th Mar 2016, 1:29 AM edit delete
I always forget this, but today I actually was able to remember and get something done. H.P. Lovecraft died on this day over 79 years ago in 1937 of intestinal cancer.

He is a very strange topic for me, as he is a very..... unique case. This case being that he is my favorite author, and inspired me to follow my dreams and even expand on the stories that he created which he eagerly encouraged people to do, but there is also the fact that he tended to be rather racist, he never depicted women well in his stories, he disliked foreigners in general, and often times seemed to completely shy away from the topic of sex, and when it was brought up it was always some horrible, disgusting thing that was unspeakable. And as an African American man who often fights for feminism, this has certainly raised some moral conundrums for me.

However the way I see it, I am honoring not his beliefs, but his works, which are certainly beautifully horrific.

I laugh though when I think of him rolling in his grave at my concept of Asian school girls fighting against eldritch horrors, all written by a black man.

But enough of that, I drew Lovecraft in my style, and he turned out pretty good. He looks so... uncomfortable XD. Decided to have Laila bothering him while he's trying to write, he looks a little nervous XD.

Go read a Lovecraft story with what you have left of your day! All of them can be found online for free with a quick google search!

Actually, I'll do that for you.