Comic 404 - Halloween Party

31st Oct 2015, 6:50 AM in Case 13: The Horror at the Museum
Halloween Party
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DarkmasterN 31st Oct 2015, 6:50 AM edit delete
"Laila?...... H-Haru-chan? A-are you guys out here?"

"What kind of weird invitation it this? I-I'm starting to think Laila lied to me about there being a party out here...."

"Guys!? Seriously! DON'T SCARE ME! This isn't funny!"

It's the 31st. And That means it's the best day of the year~

So I'll post this final Halloween pic here. Have an awesome Halloween, I'll post pics of my costume tomorrow most likely.

Dressed Keiko up as Supergirl because, Why not? It's cute.

And Laila is giving her buddy Slenderman $20 to stalk Keiko through the woods.

I've had this idea in my head for awhile now, and Finally got around to doing it. Was pretty fun, so I hope you enjoy it~