Comic 403 - Irate Pirate

29th Oct 2015, 9:45 PM in Case 13: The Horror at the Museum
Irate Pirate
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DarkmasterN 29th Oct 2015, 9:45 PM edit delete

Was Keiko's only reply upon seeing herself in the mirror. She tugged the tiny, somewhat tattered half shirt down a little, yet it only caused more of her tiny breasts to push out of the plunging neckline. Letting go however, allowed her subtle underboob to peek out from beneath it's tattered remains. "I-I'm not going anywhere in this!" She said, both panicked and assertive. "T-this is way over the top! P-plus I'll get expelled if anyone from the school sees me dressed like this!"

Yayoi, only half way listening to the complaints of her reluctant friend as she checked herself out in the mirror, swayed her hips, watching the contours of her own body as they moved and bent, and she lifted her arms and put her hands behind her head as she thrust out her nigh non-existant breasts, sticking her tongue out in an incredibly sensual manner. She was only snapped out of it when Keiko reiterated how much she disliked her costume.

"Yayoi! HEY! I'm NOT wearing this out there!" Keiko growled, now much closer than bespectacled girl had last remembered. Snapped out of a bit of a haze, she turned towards her red haired friend and looked her up and down. "Oh come on Keiko-chan.... You look good. Your top barely fits... and....." She drifted off, biting her bottom lip as she looked her down all the way with a little giggle. Keiko blushed and covered her bare midriff a little. "T-this skirt... thong... thing, doesn't even fit at all A-and I feel like it's going to explode!". She turned and looked in the mirror, wincing a little at the sight she saw as her skirt/thong combo squeezed tightly to her rounded bottom, refusing to even cover half of it's expanse. "Y-you always get me something too small.... Y-you know I've got a lot of... um..."

"Booty." Yayoi answered, unable to keep the smile off of her face.

"I was TRYING to avoid any pirate puns!" She sighed.

Yayoi giggled again and hooked on to Keiko's outfit with her hook hand. "Yo-ho-ho~" She purred in a joking manner. Keiko scowled at her. "You said we could be pirates when I suggested it Keiko-Chan... Why are you backing out now?" The brown haired girl asked, returning to checking herself out in the mirror. "I-I said I wanted to be a pirate! Y-you know, like Pirates of the Caribbean or-or maybe even a historically accurate pirate! N-not a porno pirate!! M-my skirt says Pirate's Booty! PIRATE'S BOOTY Yayoi! I don't want someone thinking that my pirate treasure is ripe for the plundering you know! I'm an innocent teenage girl! I wanna look Slightly above average!"

"Slut-ly Above Average." Yayoi snorted with another little giggle.


LOL Sexy pirate costumes are fun. While searching for a puffy white shirt for a costume, Google asked me if I wanted a "Slutty Pirate Costume" which made me LOL.

And somehow this was born later.

Anyway, I'm About to head out for a night of Trick or' Treating myself~

I hope you enjoyed this... stupid little thing. Have a Slightly Above Average Spooky Weekend~

Another pic will be coming soon :P