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20th Aug 2015, 10:03 AM in Case 12: The Picture in the Museum
SAA Page 350
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DarkmasterN 20th Aug 2015, 10:03 AM edit delete
Hey, who's that guy?

It's the Blue Gentleman!

He's one of my favorite paintings I did back when I was a bit younger. Like with most of my paintings he haunted me for days before I painted him out on a canvas and left him hidden somewhere to completely forget about him for a while. In the story of the Blue Gentleman that I'm working on, he is an avatar of calamity and misfortune and often causes horrible luck for those around him. In addition every image of the Blue Gentleman is actually him. So this picture of him you see before you is actually him, watching you currently. Ever since I painted the picture it's done strange things. Once I tripped on a cord and almost hit my temple on the corner of an end table and when I looked back, the painting was sitting next to the cord, just smiling up at me, reminding me that he's still there... watching.... And one time my fan unplugged it's self and the cord flew across the room, sitting next to where it was plugged? Blue Gentleman.

Not saying I created a monster, but I am saying it's a bit of a nerve wracking set of coincidences when you've been sleep deprived.

Anyway, enjoy the creepiness with Satoshi and Ayaka :P