Comic 339 - 3 years of madness

7th Mar 2015, 3:06 AM in Case 11: Cool Air
3 years of madness
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DarkmasterN 7th Mar 2015, 3:06 AM edit delete
Time keeps going. moving forward. It will not stop for you. Do not let it get away. Chase it. Follow time. Do not let it escape. Fight time. It will consume you, it envelops your being. Forget time but keep going. Keep running. Maybe you'll escape and time will no longer flow around you. But you shall flow with it.

I'm always fighting time. Fighting due dates for my pages, payments that must be made, Work days. Time is everything because I've got it so ingrained into myself. Time always evades me.

It almost evaded me again this year, however I realized in time that my 3 year anniversary for this comic was around the corner. And so today, March 6th, we celebrate 3 years of being Slightly Above Average.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads this little journey I'm on, and thank you for your input. The comic it's self is fun, but it's you guys that really make the comic shine for me. Your own input and interperetations of my work as well as your emotions and comments you flood me with aid me in continuing onward and I take everything you guys say to heart.

This year I wanted something to completely envelope the feeling of the comic, and to match it's tone that it's built up over 3 years. I hope you enjoy this that I've made, and have a Slightly Above Average day~

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