Comic 304 - Halloween Party

29th Oct 2014, 8:44 PM in Case 10: The Lurking Fear
Halloween Party
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DarkmasterN 29th Oct 2014, 8:44 PM edit delete
The air was cold... crisp. Her nostrils burned with every breath and her breath lingered in the air as a fluffy white cloud for a few seconds after it escaped from between her lips. She walked forward, staring straight ahead, tired, and ready to get off of her feet.

"Ugh.... why do you guys even wear these? It's like.... Agggh, been clinging to my lower eyes all night....." The purple, protoplasmic monster behind her said, trying to wiggle her fluffy dress off of her squirming lower mass. "Well... maybe because we don't HAVE lower eyes." The purple haired heroine replies back to her.

She seemed to ignore her as she continued wiggling her butt in a final vain attempt to make herself comfortable. "So why exactly did we get kicked out?" She asks, her eyes now studying a candy bar inquisitively. Keiko sighed and glanced over at her while holding up the weapons in her hands. "YOU got kicked out because you kept lifting your dress up all the way past your ass, and I got kicked out because I had plastic weapons and I'm not allowed to have them on school property."

Laila's gaze doesn't shift from the candy bar she seemed to be studying. "Not my fault this dress rubs in all the wrong places.... and those weapons look real to me..." She then replies boredly. "PLASTIC. They're plastic...." Keiko complains, whipping around and glaring at her as she walks backward.

"Why exactly do you guys dress up on the 31st anyway? I understand magical properties that the day holds but none of your traditional ones...." She asks, the voice trailing from one of the lower mouths near the ground instead of her normally placed one. Keiko watched her with an annoyed expression as she spoke, answering only after a few moments of silence. "Well... usually we don't do much around here, but our school likes us to celebrate all sorts of cultural holidays... I think the original reasons for dressing up though is to scare off evil spirits..."

Laila looked up at her with a bored expression before looking back down at the plastic coated candy bar, now with a bite taken from it, plastic still unremoved. "You guys will convince yourselves of anything to try and make yourselves feel better wont you?"

"Oh shut up, no one believes in that anymore, we just do it now for fun.... What the hell are you supposed to be anyway? A fucked up Disney Princess or something?" Keiko replies, her voice still showing that she was annoyed. Laila looked down at herself and adjusted her chest some. "Scylla... I saw her on an internet game once, I thought it would be fitting." Her tendrils hiss and whisper "Scylla" repeatedly after she says it, a few of them barking quietly and then giggling. "Boobs are too big though, Shoulda shrank em down before I dressed up...".

"I don't even want to know what you've done on the internet...." Keiko replies shuddering a bit from the thought.

"So why'd you dress up like that? Your fashion sense is even worse than usual..."

"Ehh? I guess I just wanted to be someone I could relate with.... Someone.... strong. Someone powerful who takes whatever the world gives her and keeps on fighting, no matter how much the odds are stacked against her... I wanted to be someone cool really...."

Laila raised an eyebrow and watched the purple clad schoolgirl as she looked wistfully at the plastic weapons in her hands. She didn't really understand the sentimental attachment or deep reasoning behind why anyone would want to dress themselves as someone else like this, but she could see the effects it had on Keiko emotionally, and that was certainly an interesting revelation, a scenario worthy of further study. She smiled a bit, realizing how easy it was to alter someone's mindset or to inspire confidence.

"... No matter how hard you try to be cool, you're still just Keiko." She replies with an evil smirk.

"Not tonight!" Keiko yells out as she hops up on a bench and points her gun at Laila. "Tonight I'm a super heroine! I kick all sorts of ass and I say fuck whenever I want!" She shouts.

"Now come on you purple bitch, we've got shit to do!" She exclaims hopping down and taking off running, leaving Laila to watch her go with her usual deadpan look. Keiko wasn't really headed anywhere in particular, but she was feeling a little empowered. Empowered enough to run down the street, ducking through alleys, looking for trouble. She didn't know what she'd do if she found it, but hey, everyone else thought these weapons were real, maybe they'd be convincing enough in a real fight.

Random ramblings. I tried to write more of a story but I've been so busy these last few weeks It's crazy!

Here's Keiko and Laila for Halloween. Laila is dressed as Scylla from the MOBA Game Smite, and Keiko is dressed as my favorite heroine from my favorite Super Hero movie, Hit Girl~

One of my buddies suggested Laila's costume and I dressed Keiko as Hit girl because... well, I dunno. Probly because I have a hit girl figure and a copy of Kickass 2 near the computer so it's always subconsciously on my mind. XD

Laila looks weird as the red head in the group XD. They both look pretty good though~

Anyhow, enjoy, I know I enjoyed making it :P

Have a Slightly Above Average Halloween everyone~

And don't forget to invoke the right of Yog-Sothoth this Friday when the clock strikes 12. (Better Res)