Comic 192 - Lailaween

28th Oct 2013, 3:31 AM in Case 7: Beyond the Wall of Flesh
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DarkmasterN 28th Oct 2013, 3:31 AM edit delete
Sitting out in front of the Bus stop, the sound of frantic clicking of keys on a phone could be heard. Though the chilled air made her fingers stiff, no cold can take away a teenage girl's ability to text with the swiftness of a Zephyr. She looked around, her glowing halo illuminating her immediate area as she hoped the bus would show up soon. Her breathing was still heavy and the slightest stick cracking or car driving by would make her start with a panic. She looked back behind her, towards the sounds of a party in the distance before turning back.

Keiko: Mom, Could you come pick me up if the bus doesn't show up soon?

Mom: Sure

Mom: What's the rush? I thought you were at that costume party all night?

Keiko: Yeah... well there's some weirdo here who won't leave me alone.

Mom: Ehh? Ok, I'll be right there!

Keiko: OK

Keiko: Ybazybolir$irshnm'tg&dwevazdw@%

Mom: what?

Keiko sat with her fingers on the keys, unmoving, even as the cold wind hit her. A wet, dripping noise came from behind her, as the whispering of thousands of voices rolled on the wind. "Tekeli-li!" They piped sounding an awful lot like "Trick-or-Treat!" and a purplish tendril covered in eyes, mouths and scales, forming and unforming with every passing moment lifted into view. It blinked and looked at her as she could feel more probing tendrils, and other strange appendages form behind her along with the heavy breathing of an excited school girl.

She glanced back, able to see the reflection of the monster behind her. Her chubby, Voluptuous form encased in a too small, skin tight pair of Long Jhons, holding a pitchfork and wearing a tail and horns on a red hood, contrasting with the slightly above average quality pure white and gold angelic costume she was wearing now. The girl's tongue rolled out of her mouth and she showed her teeth in an open mouth smile.

"Devils eat angels right?" She purrs from behind the glassless shelter.

Keiko: ...... Never mind

Mom: Are you sure? What about the weirdo?

Keiko: It's fine. I just remembered that going home wouldn't get me away from it her....


Having a Slightly Above Average Halloween time? Mine's going well. Haven't been able to see NEARLY as many horror movies as I'd liked to have, but hey, Maybe next week I'll make a marathon of it! XD

Keiko and Laila were good representations of pure and unholy....

Not really. I mean Laila's unholy for sure, but Keiko isn't pure. She's nice and has a strong sense of justice, but can be just as meanand jealous as any other high school girl sometimes. Anywho, I hope ya like this. I thought it was fun, and for some reason Laila looks so funny/cute in that devil costume. I need to put her in spandex and stuff more... Keiko too. :P

Have a slightly above average Halloween guys!