Comic 149 - Fan Art Corner 2

8th Jun 2013, 6:03 PM in Case 6: The Terrible School Girl
Fan Art Corner 2
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DarkmasterN 8th Jun 2013, 6:03 PM edit delete
Hello all you Slightly Above Average people. The sky is blue, the clouds are white, and all of that shall change once the dreaded Walktopus reaches from beneath the veil of life and snatches the sky away.

But until then, more fan art!

Today is actually the one I probably should have posted first because it's actually the first piece of fan art I ever Got on here! This is an absolutely adorable piece from my buddy on Deviantart,

Keiko looks so cute! Like a little Slightly Above Average Chibi, and kind of reminds me of the "My Sims" art style. And she usually looks sort of chibi like so it makes her even more adorable!

So thanks again for the fan art! and you all have a Slightly Above Average day you guys~